#YouthDay’s significance in South African education

On this day in 1976, black learners in #SouthAfrica protested against #BantuEducation and the then enforced Afrikaans (medium of instruction) in our schools. The apartheid government responded with violence and brutality. Hundreds of school kids were murdered, hundreds more injured, some are paralysed today!

Sam Nzima’s treasure which is representative of June 16 in South Africa. The photograph of Mbuyisa Makhubu carrying a dying Hector Peterson and next to him, a distraught Antoinette Sithole (Hector’s sister).

Those student’s actions changed the sociopolitical landscape in this country. Their actions were a step towards a change in the education systems and racial compartmentalization in our education systems. Today I’m proud to thank all those who marched, were attacked, died, went to exile for changes to take place in this country. We are still fighting the battles through #decolinization of our campuses. It’s a long never-ending fight and we will not tire! The next generations will take over from where we left off as we took over from our elders. Today I personally continue with the academic advancing of black people from the lab.

18S PCR optimisation run
DNA gel extractions viewed in Image Lab

This, because if I am educated I inspire others, I share my knowledge and so the struggle continues. #AlutaContinua #SowetoUprising #HappyYouthDay

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